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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are portraits available in black and white, or sepia?
Images are captured in color and can be converted to black and white, or sepia, after your session during post processing.
Okay I want a portrait, what is the process?
It starts with an in-person consultation. This is where we sit back, relax, and chat about your situation, we talk about clothing and why some choices work better than others. We talk about whether we need to photograph in studio or on location. This chat before your photo session is very important, you will love your images more, because of it.
How much of an investment should I be prepared to make?
Professional Portraiture at this level is time-intensive artwork, and artwork is an investment. Sitting fees vary from $75 to $250, this depends on whether it's for a child in studio, or a group session photographed on location. Most of our clients invest in a Portrait Collection with the minimum in the $750 to $1000 range.
When will I see the images?
You will see your images projected during your ordering appointment about 10 days after your session. We will help you with all of your final decisions on images and products that we have custom designed just for you, so make sure all decision makers are present. 50% of your balance is due at the conclusion of your ordering appointment.
When will everything be ready?
Quality takes time, so please allow 6-8 weeks from the time your order is received. Custom designs for albums will take longer. We will schedule a studio pickup.

Babies and Children
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babies and children

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