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Blog - October 2009
This was a beautiful sunny day for a High School Senior Photo Shoot. It was scheduled primarily for LeeAnna, but it also includes some photos of LeeAnna with her good friend Kayla. "I'm so glad she asked about Kayla joining in the shoot, the more the merrier!"  I also did Kayla's senior photos, and she is featured earlier this year, check out the May 2009 Blog.  I love the shirts the girls are wearing. The Yankees are in the World Series again, and sadly the poor Boston Red Sox fans must be in mourning.
The photo shoot covered two days. The first day we started out on location at a horse farm, and the property also has a charming pond. It was about a fifty minute drive from Batavia. The next day's shoot was also a beautiful day, I will intro that further on down the page... 
high school senior photo shoot

Here are six more favorites, the fun photo shoot continued with LeeAnna and Kayla "horsing around" in the  Barn.
 I love that blurry, bright background, can you tell?
High School Senior photo shoot in a horse barn 

Part II. The next days shoot of LeeAnna's photo session took place locally at our studio. We started outside with a variety of flowers as a background. I am so lucky that Georgia loves flowers.  We finished in the studio on a white, high key background. What made this interesting, and a nice surprise, was when LeeAnna's mom agreed to join her for a very special photo....parents will know what I mean!
High School Senior Photo shoot

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