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Blog - November 2009
In late November, I had the opportunity to do an "on location" photo shoot of two beautiful children, and they are cousins!
A little girl eleven months old, her name is Carly. Her older cousin is Carson and he is 17 months old.
Even though I would have gladly done the photo shoot in the studio, I'm really glad that Carly's mom wanted to do the photo shoot on location, in her home. Convenience for parents and comfort for the kids in their own environment means everyone is happier... and it shows in these children's portraits. Thanks so much for contacting me Ellen. 

Children's Portraiture

Children's Portraiture

Children's Portraiture

Next up are a couple of photos of Carson and Carly together. Carson has a Santa Claus outfit too!
The kids were great and seemed to be oblivious(?) to our being there, shooting off the flash. I think most kids get used to this at a very young age.

As usual, Georgia did a great job as "Lighting Assistant". We used wireless off camera lighting that was triggered by a transmitter on the camera and a remote receiver connected to the strobe. 

Children's Portraits

Check out Carson's big beautiful bue eyes!

Children's Portraiture

Children's Portraiture

Up next, the last series of photos for this shooting session is a sequence of six photos showing Carson totally "amazed" at the Photographer's Camera Bag. What an expression!
As you can imagine there were toys everywhere, but his focus was on my camera bag!

Children's Portraiture

Up next is a special family photo. A big thanks to my sister for setting up our lunch get together.
The two people sitting on the left are my aunt and uncle. My mom came from a wonderful large family and this is special because my aunt and uncle are the only two surviving.
The location is a very busy Olive Garden Restaurant, as you can see from all the people behind us.
I'm glad I brought my tripod... I set the timer... and jumped into the frame! 

Family Portrait

Next up is yours truly!
We had just returned from my son Ryan's wedding and even though it was late, Georgia said, "Lets take advantage of the fact we are dressed up" into the studio we went!
I returned my rented formal wear the next day....Georgia gets to keep hers, she owns it!

Self Portrait of Photographer & Lighting Assistant

I recently had another very special photo shoot, an opportunity to do a portrait session with a "Great Grandmother" and I totally enjoyed it.
I would like to introduce Edie.
I feel honored because Edie said this is the first portrait she has had taken since she was very young. She plans to give the prints to family members for holiday gifts. I believe the 8x10 she ordered, she is framing and keeping for herself...I think that is great!
When setting up a location for this portrait session, I decided to go with natural light near a window, instead of studio strobes. This light is very "flattering and soft".

Natural Light Portrait

The next four photos will wrap up this blog post.
First a Black & White, and then a return to color in a series of three.
This is Lindsay, Georgia's teen grandaughter night when she was here staying with us, we were both nonsleepy/wideawake and so we decided  to go out on a local late night photoshoot!

Black & White Photography

....and finally three more photos of Lindsay with her friend Alana at a couple local parks taken this past July.

I love doing photo shoots with teens!

Teen Photo Shoot

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