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Dec 2009

Blog - December 2009

This months blog starts with photography coverage of a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.
Being married to the same person for fifty years is amazing.
Amazing because when a couple accomplishes that, they have lived longer together, than they had lived as single people.
A big thanks to Betty Lou & Paul for giving me the opportunity to photograph their wonderful event.

Frame for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Thanks for including me for dinner, I had the "Haddock Romano", very good!
Invitation for 50th Wedding Anniversary

The Historic Avon Inn was built in 1820 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Historic Avon Inn, Avon NY

Avon Inn wall of framed history framed

Avon Inn wall of framed history of events

Inside Historic Avon Inn, Avon NY

Table Setting at Avon Inn

Cake for Anniversary Celebration

Please refer to the below portraits.
A plan was made in advance for me to take a total of fourteen portraits of all the Guests attending the 50th Anniversary Celebration.
So the Guests knew in advance that they would be having their portrait taken, and preferably before dinner.
These 8x10 portraits were gifts from hosts Betty Lou and Paul, to all their Friends and Familiy and the prints were ready in time for Christmas.
January 2010 update: I have received orders for additional prints from some of the guests, a "big thanks" again for this opportunity.
As I recall, and this excludes set-up time, it only took about an hour and fifteen minutes to take the fourteen portraits.
 Of interest to Photographers, a partial list of equipment used: Four Studio Lights, Wireless transmitter/receivers, 10x20 Muslin Backdrop, Five Light Stands, One Horizontal Support
Portraits at Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Cake Topper

Yellow Roses - Part of Table Setting

Couple Cutting Cake at Anniversary Celebration

Ceramic Frame for 50th Anniversary Photos


 Behind the Scenes - Setting up a Photo


Next, is a photographic opportunity in the Ithaca, NY area.
The Baptism of Carter.
 The church is St. Catherines of Sienna, Ithaca, NY. I loved it, it has beautiful contemporary architecture.
Thanks so much for inviting us!

Baptismal Ceremony

After the Church service... a short ten minute drive to Carter's house for the reception.

Below, I would like to introduce Carter's Godparents!
Baptismal Celebration

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