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Blog - December 2008

This year, in early December, we set up a photo booth at our local mall for an annual event called "Christmas in the City". The event always brings out a decent crowd, and especially families with young children.

Below is one of the portraits from that event.  Please keep in mind, with regard to clothing, this type of mini shooting session is spontaneous and not planned. We met and I photographed Richard, a carpenter, and his daughter Haley!   I love how the black & white image brings out the contrast in their skin.
As a side note,  below their portrait in black & white is a detail "crop" in color, from the lower left corner, of the same image. What's interesting is the contrast in their hands, and Haley's pink boots with pompoms....a Dad with his young daughter, is special.

black and white by paul freeman photography

see text above for details about this image...
paul freeman photography

At  Holiday time, Georgia  makes her popular Cinnamon Rolls. Everyone loves them and  it's almost impossible to eat just one!

Georgia's Cinnamon Rolls

Christmas Paul Freeman Photography

Below is the Holiday Card that was sent  to friends/customers for December 2008. It was photographed on Christmas Day in 2007 in the charming small town of Wyoming, New York. 

Christmas Card Dec 08

Below is a sneak preview of the Holiday Card that will be mailed to friends/customers in December 2009, the image was captured on December 25th, 2008. By planning ahead about eleven months, I have plenty of time for processing/ printing.

Christmas Card Dec 09

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