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Friday, March 23, 2012

...and "why" I do this type of work.

Portrait Order

One of the most fun times for me, I feel like Santa Claus, is when everything arrives from a print order,
and it's just before getting ready for a client pickup, or just before wrapping up for a shipment out of town.
My goal is to deliver a printed product, not a digital file, the printed portrait is the final piece that completes the puzzle.

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• I love the process of creating artwork, I will sometimes lose track of time and forget to eat. But as a self-employed artist, it is important to stay disciplined and profitable, so I can continue to do what I love to do.

• Increasingly every year, I am more aware of how validated I feel after knowing my work has had a positive impact on another person, and it's the same for a family member as it is for a client.

• I enjoy using multiple images to tell a story about a single person, or even a group of people. Showing multiple expressions of the same person, shows us more about that person, we feel we know them better, and so we feel more connected.

• With regard to these multiple images of the same subject, I love the idea of of partnering with clients during the creative process. Using their image selections, we design from a blank page, to a totally unique multiple image collage with a design that best suits the subject, and is also in harmony with the client's style and taste.

• After a portrait session, and after patiently retouching a person's face, I feel more "friendship" with that person. I'm surrounded by these framed portraits hanging in my studio every day. It is a gift for sure and I'm grateful.

• I understand how vulnerable some people feel when being photographed, and so I've learned they need to disarm in order to have a flattering portrait. I've learned the quickest way to get them there, is for me to show the real me, to them.

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