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Beautiful Places
Antelope Canyon
Canyon de Chelly
Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon Introduction

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Antelope Canyon is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation near Page, Arizona. There is both an Upper and a Lower Canyon. The Lower is the more difficult to hike because it is more limited in width and there are steep metal stairs to navigate. Trickles of light enter the small canyon through cracks in the rock from up above. Some areas are very dark resulting in wonderful shadows. For a photographer these low levels of light are an asset not a liability. It was only after I walked through the canyon that I understood why they call this a "slot canyon". The "V" shape of the rock is so narrow in some areas that you are unable to put your feet flat on the ground. As a result of your own weight you become wedged and then "unstuck" by using your elbows to raise your body up and forward. For me carrying a tripod and camera bag this was a challenge. Aside from this intriguing part of the experience I can't think of a more photogenic place!
                                                 Paul Freeman

Antelope Canyon by Paul Freeman Photography